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Digital Juice Trellis Blooms Animated Canvases (SD)


Digital Juice Trellis Blooms Animated Canvases (SD)
15 mpeg | SD | 720 x 576 | 288.77 MB



Wedding footage in HD-SD (Part 2)
9 wedding footage in HD (1920 x 1080) and 8 in SD (720 x 486) QuickTime Video 30fps
The size: 146.56 MB



Dreamscene gallery - Mysticism and Imagination
This gallery contains Mysticism and Imagination of a scene of dream, all from fairies to demons. 
In preview video short videoclips are shown.


the Format: wmv
The Permission: 1280х720
Quantity: 36 Pieces
The Size: 317.98 Mb


Wedding footage (HD) (Part 1)

7 Wedding footage the high permission in format MOV
1920 x 1080 | Format: 1920x1080p Photo JPEG QuickTime File 30fps | 339.56 MB



Footage: Happy New Year! (ENG,RUS)
Happy New Year! In Russian and English languages.
Format: mpeg
The permission: 720х576
The size: 52,41 Mb
Duration: 22 seconds
The author: masterpp


New Year\'s prompt to the beginning or the end of morning performance
New Year's prompt to the beginning or the end of morning performance

Format: mpeg
The permission: 720х576
The size: 305.55 Mb
Duration: 5 minutes


New Years footages
3 AVI | 720 X 576 | PAL | the Size 103.9 MB



Footage - New year 2012

The Format: mpeg
The Permission: 720х576 (4:3, 16:9)
The Size: 107.94 MB
Duration: 50 seconds
Quantity: 2piece
The Author: masterpp


DJ Trellis Blooms Animated Canvases (Canopus HQ)
DJ Trellis Blooms Animated Canvases
15 avi (Canopus HQ) | Full HD | 1920 x 1080 | 4.37Gb




Footage - The collection of Santa Clause


the Format: avi, mov+alpha
The Permission: 720х576
The Size: 253,31 Mb


Fotages - New Year\'s gifts
Fotages - New Year's gifts  
2 mov | FullHD + SD | 17sec | 501.78 Mb

Happy New Year 2012!(HD-SD)

Happy New Year 2012 in Russian and English languages.
The Format: avi, mpeg
The Permission: (720х576) - (1920x1080)
The Size: 198.6; 192.41 MB
The Author: masterpp

Footage Snowflake transition

Duration: 3 sec
A file format: MOV+Alpha
The permission: 720х576
The size of a file: 25 МВ


Footage \

Footage "New year 2012" contains date 2012 which rotates in an environment of set of moving particles.



Footage - order Santa

  It is possible to Use anywhere - a garden, school, a party. The only thing there where it
Speaks on the phone sound the address what to you it is necessary

The Format:  MOV+alpha, avi
The Permission: 720х576
Kolichesvo: 2 Pieces
Duration: avi-01:10, mov-00:10
The Size: 416 Mb
The Author of idea: masterpp


Incendiary Santa


The Format: 720х576 Avi. It is sounded.
The Size: 275.72 Mb
Duration: 1. 45 seconds



Footage - New Year trees


For installation of New Year's holidays not to do without New Year's footage. 


Footage - Shine HD (2011)

Shine HD 2011 At installation wedding and other celebratory films not to do without sparkling asterisks and soft animation frames. 

Footage - Santa Claus on deer with gifts.

The Format: MPEG
The Size: 300.72 MB
The Permission: 720x576 4:3
Duration: 5 Minutes
The Author: masterpp


Artbeats - Concepts & Objects: Desktop Technology

Set of clips on computer subjects: personal computers, laptops, movement of hands on the keyboard and phones, and also a wide choice of the clips showing use of the mouse, a set on the keyboard, opening and closing laptopа, CD-Roma, connection and a detachment of a cable from ports, panoramic shooting in movement of the keyboard and motherboards.

Ghastlies | Punho de Ferro | Into the Dark